Chairman's Message

The school owes its genesis to Shri S P Singh, the founding father, The dynamic vision of the school has led to a futuristic approach towards Education in accordance with the changing needs of the new millennium. After all, the true test of education is not what one learns within the four walls of school and the class room, but what one does with the learning when he enters the life ahead. Keeping this in mind, the school offers quality Education under unique conditions. It is the mélange of a wholesome educational programme that facilitates the child's quest for knowledge, enhancing the quality of life and preparing them for the real world. Our Endeavour is to help children develop to their full potential. A tremendous amount of care and nurturing goes into physical, mental, cognitive teaching methodology which in turn steadily unfolds the child's true and inherent potential. The secret of entering the innocent mind of a child lies in the art of caring, giving and understanding the essence of purity that a child possesses. We are proud to admit that this is the kind of education that is being imparted at Mary Doll Public School, undertaking the responsibility and commitment to produce successful, responsible and proud citizens-the future of our Nation.

S.P.Singh, Chairman.
News Desk

"This is informed to all student of class 10th and 12th that Final Project Report for Board Exam submission is going on and Board Practical will be held between 12thFebruary to 25th February 2019. So attend the class on regular basis and keep in touch with the school notice."